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A little bit of everything…

I’ve been very busy lately I can’t even review my notes from my Deutsch class. Good thing if boredom strikes then I got to see my photos from my previous travel! Thanks to my hectic sched. (Yeah I know, you’re expecting it would be incorporated with my studies. Sorry to say, but naah)

When I was still studying, I already liked taking photos and videos, but I just lack technology and of course knowledge (yep, I hate information technology. I suck at that) on how to compile everything in a very creative way just like how I see my friends do it on YouTube so I just didn’t try doing so. But now that I think I can do it in a very creative and artistic way, things just happened. I got so little time and not so many opportunities to review photos and videos yet I still try my best. And for the information of all, this video I’m about to post took a month before I got to share it. So I apologize if it won’t meet your expectation. Haha!

Have fun! Hope you find it interesting. I will still be posting most of my past travel… If I have the time tho.