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I’ve been very busy lately I can’t even review my notes from my Deutsch class. Good thing if boredom strikes then I got to see my photos from my previous travel! Thanks to my hectic sched. (Yeah I know, you’re expecting it would be incorporated with my studies. Sorry to say, but naah)

When I was still studying, I already liked taking photos and videos, but I just lack technology and of course knowledge (yep, I hate information technology. I suck at that) on how to compile everything in a very creative way just like how I see my friends do it on YouTube so I just didn’t try doing so. But now that I think I can do it in a very creative and artistic way, things just happened. I got so little time and not so many opportunities to review photos and videos yet I still try my best. And for the information of all, this video I’m about to post took a month before I got to share it. So I apologize if it won’t meet your expectation. Haha!

Have fun! Hope you find it interesting. I will still be posting most of my past travel… If I have the time tho.


2 Decades and 2 Years


This day last year, I spent my birthday in Switzerland. Rode a boat and roved around Zürich, ate some delish Swiss Cuisine (which is bread and cheese 🤣kidding) and wore my first ever Swatch (which is by the way, a present)
I thought nothing better would come after the best year I had in Schweiz, but life is so good to me, there are still tons of surprises coming my way. Never in my wildest dreams that I will really go different places and see more wondrous cities and countries.


Maybe I thought about them but not really realizing that I would be able to turn these dreams into reality. I just hoped I am with both of my parents. But them, seeing me jump from one country to another made them so proud and happy.

And now, as I turned 22, life should not stop here. It mustn’t. I know that I can still do better. I am not in the best situation as they thought I am. Pictures speak a thousand words and what you see is not everything what you get. You may think that having my life would be the best thing that could happen to every girl who dreams. But I have even more dreams. Bigger dreams. And this is my way of slowly getting that cherry on top. You know, life is not a silver platter. It is not served with a complete meal. I still need to do more of the unexpected things you couldn’t imagine doing at your age. I may have the funnest of life, but I also have downfalls and frustrations. But I know sooner or later, I can tell myself that every path I take, wherever places I chose and all the decisions to make, will be all worth it, and that there would be no regrets. At all.


I am so blessed, and I thank the Lord for giving me very understanding people and kind coworkers and for this day, that I am celebrating my birthday in Maldives! I am just so lucky. I hope you had the best day of your life as well. 

But wait… there’s more! Another thing to be thankful for is a quick selfie from the one and only Maine Mendoza of the Philippines! Though she didn’t know that 2days after the picture was taken, was my birthday, it was still a fun afternoon for me, Cause she entertained me! A very nice and down to earth lady. Thanks Maine for this photo! Imagine, I didn’t see you in our country! But instead, in a small island. Crazy world, huh?


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Can’t imagine I am in a 5 Star Hotel! And take note, it’s in Maldives! 😍
The only problem that I have are the pictures!!! What shall I do with these? I can’t find time to post so many things and blog about all of the places and events that happened two weeks ago. Things just happened so fast! But I will try to find time 🙂