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Time Heals

Once upon a time there was a man
Who made my heart pound and gave me the sun
At first I thought we can’t endure,
The love we found that’s always a failure

But for years had passed we fought for it,
Never minding what the people would think
For all of a sudden it was us against the world,
But we continued it as blazing as a sword

We became happy for months and years,
and the skies just turned so wonderful and clear
The love we shared is oh so true,
Loving so deeply, this is all we knew

But one day I just realized,
What if it’s time to really say goodbye?
For all our fights and nags and quarrels,
How can we continue such a travel?

And so I’ve decided to let him go,
Not because I don’t love him anymore
I did it so he can be really happy
I set him free though it hurts me.

And now it’s almost a month that passed,
it was long time ago since we made it last
As they say time can heal all wounds
Though not today, I know it will, soon

circa 2011


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